Sunday, 13 November 2011

Small Excerpt

As I plod on with my never ending rewrites of my new novel…
hopefully January 2012 it will be complete. I thought I’d better post a small piece of my writing from the prologue.

The priest Mason walked forth; greying hair, skin ageing and drawn: scarred with the many traumas of a hard, bitter life. He was dressed in a long black and white gown, the uniform of an Anglican Priest—clinging to his body like a lover. His eyes flicked to different angles in the church, and he clutched a silver crucifix hanging around his neck tightly.

A large marble cross with the carving of Jesus Christ: erected as a statement to the establishment of the church—was surrounded by hundreds of candles, lit up, as if saluting a holy decree. The priest then spoke: ‘God forgive me. God forgive me.’ He wandered to the Altar where the cross of the crucified Christ stood - pounded into the stone floor of the church. The priest knelt, eyes low, and then he meditated in deep prayer. The head from Christ bowed from on top of the crucifix for a moment…this continued for some time. Before a quiet child’s voice tickled the inside of Mason’s ear.

Copyright Nathan Toulane 2011 All Rights Reserved

Writing fancy words comes natural to me…dialogue and a coherent plot is where the real work begins – and that goes for any writer.

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