Thursday, 8 December 2011

Synopsis, book cover and trailer

Thought I'd release the 'Book Cover', 'Synopsis' and the 'Trailer' for my forthcoming novel, "The Ring in the Glass".

I kept the trailer short and sweet for the moment.
Oh well, back to the malaise of editing the novel.


A painting depicting the events of ‘The Temptation of the Christ’, where Satan tormented Jesus Christ in the desert, haunts a young boy—Samuel Morgan. The boy’s prior involvement in the occult: with Alan Wilson, an insane satanic scientist has transferred the Devil, and a demon Beelphegor, inside of ‘him’ with devastating consequences.

Samuel’s mother, Marilyn Morgan, a successful Pharmaceutical director demands help from psychiatrists and doctors in an effort to cure her son: who now suffers from demonic possession. Their help though is ineffective. This drives her to desperate measures. She seeks out a priest, Reverend Stephen Mason, begging him for assistance. Mason agrees, but first, he has to fight his doubts and inhibitions about God, before confronting the demon, Beelphegor: which resides in the boy.

This is not an easy tale to read. It’s a roller-coaster ride of terror—which digs deep into all our fears about the never-ending struggle between the true evil in our world, and the concept of true faith in God…that can only defeat it.

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