Sunday, 1 July 2012

Literary Agent route with my novel

So, I tried the Literary Agent's route with my novel. Suffice to say, there have been no takers.
I’ll be going it alone then. My novel is pencilled in for release: Autumn 2012, through Createspace.
However, if there’re any hang-ups, it’ll be January 2013 at the earliest.

Roll on the next few months...

THE RING IN THE GLASS' is dark and authoritative yet beautifully written. It has practically no equivalent when it comes to scaring its reader. This is thrilling stuff, dispatched with all the careful effort, which is Nathan Toulane’s expertise. If the reader is eager to hitch a ride into true biblical, religious horror, 'THE RING IN THE GLASS' will not disappoint. Turn the pages if you dare.

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