Thursday, 9 October 2014

Flight To Mars And Documentary Pitch

I came across this interesting opportunity while checking NASA website. Consequently, seeing I've always had a sense of the Victorian adventure in me - and that being said, H.G Wells is one of my favorite visionaries I decided sign up my name for NASA forthcoming trip for Mars: launch date December 2014.

I know it may only be a trophy gimmick to some, but it is still good fun to get involved with and my boarding pass link is underneath.

Boarding Pass

Now onto other things more serious. I am in the process of putting some ideas across to producers about getting some kind of documentary made about the 'Temptation of Christ'. As this figures greatly in my last novel 'The Ring In The Glass'.

I personally would like to do some filming around the area where this event is supposed to take place and to interview on camera various Academies and Theologians. It will be a tough pitch - but I will give it a try.

To be honest, I've decided to do this as I am really getting tired of seeing long bearded and straggly haired eccentrics on BBC Four and The Discovery Channel doing their usual monotonous routines about religion, history and ancient tribes when I could do the same thing.

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