Tuesday, 23 February 2016

New Book Trailer

After an extensive eight weeks I've managed to film and edit a new 'book trailer' for my upcoming novel 'Tabitha Bates'.

It's amazing just how hard it is to source public domain footage - that does not have a hefty fee attached to it to it.

That aside, I used the best stuff I could find, and then a mix of my own video footage, which I shot on a Sony Cybershot Camera.

The video editing process is a lengthy task, and you need a lot of patience and practice in combining it together. Basically, you've got ten or fifteen seconds to grab the audience before they lose interest.

I have seen a range of book trailers done by big publishing houses and they've really had - the full treatment. I can only guess how much they may have cost.

Nevertheless, I made mine for about a hundred cups of coffee, which I drank during the process - and a lot of sweat and tears.

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