Thursday, 3 March 2016

Another Poem

                                                         THE POLITICIAN

   The babble of his speech trickles words, same again, never changes. The spasm of his snake-like-tongue creating lame excuses that everything will be okay - on and on this government minister bleats.

  I just sit watching, dazed at the television - wishing this news would end. Then a glint of light, attractive and silver, is spellbinding to my eyes.

   Without my permission, my gaze is hooked and drawn to the windowpane following a travelling night star. It is escaping the turmoil raging down here on Earth with these politicians and me.

   Oh how I wish I could be with it too, and escape this never-ending mayhem. For 'life and politics' is akin to a crazy train ride - and 'this' train ride has no station for you to step off and depart from!

Copyright (c) NT 2016

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