Thursday, 24 March 2016

Literary Agents

With the third redraft of my new novel 'Tabitha Bates' finally completed. It's time for me to submit my manuscript to the various literary agents and publishers - and if memory serves me right, it's a thankless task.

Clearly this is something that every writer has to undertake, and it can be soul destroying, especially when - you receive 'rejection letters'. I received a rather unpleasant one years ago from...I better not say, even though it pisses me off to this very day with its sheer rudeness and abruptness. It mainly focused on a 'semi-colon error' in the first paragraph of my previous submitted manuscript.

I've been writing novels and books for fifteen years now - and luckily, there have been massive changes to the publishing arena, which now makes it worth your while to persevere.

I recall that, if you couldn't get any kind of interest from the writing establishments your priceless manuscript would sit in a drawer and gather dust like some kind of ancient Egyptian exhibit, eventually to be disposed of by the author - in some unspeakable manner.

But with the onset of self-publishing, this has changed all that. Especially with the 'Createspace' outlet. Nevertheless, I only self-publish as a last resort and with the help of a good editor, always close at hand.

So here's hoping I can inspire some 'publishing interest' in my upcoming novel 'Tabitha Bates'.

However, I'm not holding my breath.

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