Thursday, 28 July 2016

To Edit Or Not To Edit

One of the saddest things when you complete your beloved novel, is the absolute purgatory of getting it edited for errors, and there has been a few delays in regard to this for my novel 'Tabitha Bates'.
   After making a few enquires, I settled upon a copy editor recommended to me by my family. I emailed part of my manuscript to the lady, who is an interpreter, and waited for a responce.
   Unfortunately trouble ensued, because she is deeply religious - and I don't think my novel about the occult would have been compatible with her christian views.
   This rang alarm bells for me, then her husband was taken ill two days later - apparently he suffers from a nervous disorder and was taken into hospital due to a full moon he'd witnessed. I have to say I was concerned, because I thought my book may have tipped him over the edge - because it's about a destructive ghost and a doctor of psycholgy running tests on you.Nevertheless, I'm hoping I can get something sorted out soon on the editing front.
   As a footnote, all the Literary Agents I tried with my novel turned me down flat, so it's back to the self-published route for me. Frustrating really, seeing I did an author video explaining the concept behind my novel and a book trailer to boot; creative flair doesn't make the slightest difference in the profession anymore.

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