Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A Poem


The lady smiled from the table in class,
while the month’s passed by, without a hint of attraction.
But as the time closed in, and as summer came,
Her eyes held a message that sparkled some trust.
Through times of happiness, and times of despair,
I gave you a watch, so we could travel in time.
A friendship came from tears of pain,
As we travelled to Marseilles - on a voyage of thrills.
To the jealous people who always interfered,
Your spite was in vain, and your advice so mistaken.

The hand in the desert - that now holds her watch,
Shimmers in visions to me, rippling rainbows in the stream.
Graves are cold and p
eople are crue
l, and why are they so crass with their foolish words.  
But in spite of you all - we lived in peace - and our dreams of a life - will go on in this world. 

 Copyright (c) NT 2015