Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Medieval Hospital Writing

I have researched and written an article about a Medieval Hospital that nursed people who were sick - and also cared for people afflicted with disabilities; the rules they had to obey were quite stern.
Nevertheless, it has been fascinating checking out the 'old records' and 'documents' from the late 1440s onwards.

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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Ancestry Research

Pictures above are of my Great-grandmother Elizabeth, and my Great-grandfather Charles.

I have been working on my Ancestry over the last year and have turned up some interesting facts.
I have to say researching your ‘family tree’ is a really addictive process - it draws you in like a frisky moth to a light - what with all the records and lines of enquiry your nosing around can uncover.

My Great-grandmother was called Elizabeth; she was born in St George in the East end, London, around 1880. Interestingly, her grandfather was a Police Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police in 1860.

Elizabeth married my Great-grandfather, Charles William Franks in 1908. Charles was born a cripple; this shows up on the Census Records from 1891, so it must have been really tough for him. Though he found a trade and worked as a Bootmaker. Both of them, as were their parents, and subsequently ‘their parents’ all East Enders.

My Great-grandparents lived in Stratford from the late 1880s up until my Great-grandfather’s death in 1929 at the young age of 50.

It has been fascinating researching this. I just wonder what other things I will manage to find out as my investigations continue.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Press Piece About Tabitha Bates

I contacted the East London And West Essex Guardian about my novel Tabitha Bates to see if they would like to do a piece about it.
They were very considerate - and wrote a nice feature about me and my book.

Tabitha Bates is set in east London and I grew up there as a kid so it all tied in nicely.

Click here to read the article.